Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Measles - It's Not Just a Rash, Dumbass

So, guess what?  The measles vaccine was developed around 1954, and by 1963 - almost ten years of testing - declared safe and effective enough  licensed in the United States.  This wasn't "rushed to market to make money."  This was tested, refined and prepared in order to stop kids from dying.

(child suffering from measles)

Here is a chart showing outbreaks of the disease.

Here is a chart showing DEATHS from the disease.  Notice that Outbreaks plummets after the vaccine is introduced, and that deaths drops to nearly zero.

For the slow thinkers in the room, that means - because of vaccinations - kids stopped dying.

Now, we come back around to "Hey, I'm afraid of vaccines!" and suddenly, a disease that had been thought eliminated, explodes into the population again.

Because, you know, "Vaccines are dangerous!"

And where are kids getting sick?  Hm...

Funny how this works.  Cut back on vaccinations against measles, and get measles outbreaks.  Gosh, it's almost as if the vaccines do actually protect people from infectious diseases.  You know, like they actually work?  Imagine that.

"Vaccines are dangerous."  Yeah, unlike, say, measles....


So, no, I have zero tolerance for anti-vaxxers, who are willing to cripple and kill their own children and my children, too.  Fuck you, endangering my child.

dissenting opinions

It's not the dissenting opinions 
that depress me. 

It's the sheer passion fervently embracing blind common-sense defying vapid stupidity that makes me sick.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Violence as political theater

We have to crack down hard on violence as political theater. We've seen close up what happens when people start taking sides on that issue and making excuses for one side or the other. Assault is assault. I don't give a damn who's doing it. Just like vandalism is vandalism, arson is arson, and making deadly threats is olaga hot.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Musical Monday - The Mean(er) Kitty Video

I like cats.  I have mixed feelings on rap and hip-hop.  Lots of great music in those genres, but some of it sucks.

Anyway, this is a fun silly video. The guy who made it was obviously just goofing around.

The cat is adorable.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Darth Vader, Asshole, Part 2

As I said last week, I've always considered Darth Vader to be kind of an asshole and special snowflake bully.  But, you know, Vader does has style oozing out his helmeted ears, so no surprise some people come up with some really amazing cosplay.

Now that's style.  
I could totally game this character.
(model unknown)

You know, whatever else I think, I give her props for working hard to develop that costume.  I'm also betting (and hoping), she and her boyfriend had major monkey sex that night.  She totally earned it.
(model unknown)

Model Sithvixen
As Sithvixen points out, "Guys love boob armor."

Okay, so you're little girl is adapting an iconic major badass into a costume. I can dig that. Girls need badass role models. I still prefer Wonder Woman to Vader, but the kid rocks it, and I applaud her.
(model unknown)

Blow it. I love body paint. This is cool.
(Model unknown)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trump and Weinstein: Sexual Assault is Still Wrong

Just so we're clear, if you find  yourself in a conversation about Harvey Weinstein and some tool is making hay that the "Democrats are Evil," because Weinstein is a sexual predator, then here are some responses:
  • So you agree that sexual assault is wrong, and therefore you agree that  GOP President Donald Trump, former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are all fucking scumbags, because they have a history of sexual depredation against women.  Good, so, that means "Republicans are Evil," right?  Especially, since one of those sexual predators is the fucking President and another is a Supreme Court Justice.
  • If it's a "Yeah, but Weinstein!" scenario, the remind them that "Yeah, but..." means the speaker is normalizing and justifying the behavior.  The response to "Yeah, but.." is "So, you're saying you're okay with sexual harassment?  That's kind of shitty of you."
    There is NO "Yeah, but..." when it comes  to sexual predators.  It's only "Yes, you're right. President 'grab her by the pussy' Trump was just as wrong as Harvey Weinstein!"  

Friday, October 6, 2017

Darth Vader, Asshole

Personally, I always that Darth Vader was kind of an asshole. Sure, he has some major badass style, but I mean, "You've disappointed me for the last time!" (Choke, choke, choke) - what kind of weaksauce idiot manager does that? That's so not going to retain quality talent. Duh.

And, seriously, how much of a special snowflake do you really have to be to bully people who disagree with you?  "I find your lack of faith disturbing," so "I'll choke you and frighten everyone in the room into seeing how big and badass scary I am, because I'm such a snowflake I need people to be afraid of me, all the time!"

Yeah, that's on par with "I took my assault rifle to Wal-Mart to buy cookies, because I'm such a special bullying chicken, I need everyone to see I'm a hardass about my cookies."

Or, maybe, as special snowflake as "I'll sue you for being mean to me! (And then I'll stiff the lawyers on the bill, I'm so hardass!)"

So, yeah. I always thought Vader was kind of an asshole.